We are guided by our vision of ‘Building Moments’ and believe that a house is more than just a place to live; it is where moments are made. Our developments are among the best in the country because each project offers top-notch standards of design and craftsmanship, unwavering quality, and unmatched service.

About Us

9001:2015 Certified Real Estate, Construction & Development of Properties & Consultacy Services Company.

For more than 15 years, Hallmark has been the pinnacle of excellence and innovation. We believe that working with “all heart” can change the world. Hallmark has become a well-known name and has established a strong reputation for producing high-caliber, classic products.

Founded in 2008, Hallmark is now a recognized builder of impeccable and well-designed projects whose bracket ranges from super luxury, and ultra-premium, to premium for different segments of society. At Hallmark, we don’t just build homes; we build moments and turn dreams into reality. We believe in creating an impact with our properties with unprecedented quality, design, innovation, and trust. Our impressive portfolio of outstanding projects speaks for itself.


Our passion is to design buildings that reflect who we are and help build special moments. At Hallmark, we have a defining culture that is much more than just building homes; we build dreams. Our mission is to be the most customer-centric builders. This is what unites the Hallmark team and pushes us to create homes to ensure happiness and we want to touch more people's lives with our projects.


Our vision – ‘Building Moments’ – extends to our commitment to society. Our utmost priority is making customers happy with our design, offerings, and the value of construction that only we can offer. We will continue to build projects that elevate our reputation as a maker of home and happiness, and we wish to create those moments for all home-seekers.

Values that make us Hallmark



We believe in being dedicated to the task at hand, which helps us do more with less effort and at a better pace.



Simple transparency is a summation of straightforwardness, honesty, and truthfulness. For us, transparency equals relationships.



Being on time is one thing but being on time while being consistent with quality and standard is our thing.



We always put in our best efforts to give our customers what they expect and sometimes even exceed them.



It is easy to build relationships. But what keeps them going is the confidence in relying on each other.



We are here to build a home for you and want to make you happy. So we try to be as flexible as we can.



Virtue is what defines our conduct. We always aim for the highest standards.



Whatever comes from under our aegis, we owe it to our team. Thus, accountability is an element of our personality.



We always try to understand our weaknesses and complement them with our strengths.

Certified by IQMS

about us

We at Hallmark Builders are proud to announce our recent ISO 9001:2015 certification, awarded by IQMS Certifications Private Limited. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in real estate, construction and property development. The certification validates our robust Quality Management System and our dedication to meeting the highest industry standards. We see this as a testament to our team's hard work and our promise to deliver superior value to our clients. As we continue to grow and innovate, this recognition reinforces our position as a trusted leader in real estate sector.


At Hallmark, we use our platform to work towards encouraging sustainability and leaving good ecological footprints to create a better India. We believe in going above and beyond the highest environmental standards to tackle major issues and problems that our country is facing. Hallmark put efforts into supporting communities and partners along the value chain, reaching those most in need during the pandemic. Despite the challenges, the company continues to progress on sustainability goals while delivering robust performance, allowing for continued investments in sustainability.

Out thought leaders

Mr Srinivas Reddy

Mr. Srinivas Reddy

Managing Partner

Mr. Srinivas Reddy, a trailblazer in the realms of real estate and management. With a wealth of experience, he stands as a driving force behind Hallmark's remarkable growth and expansion. His visionary leadership has not only shaped the trajectory of the company but has also become instrumental in setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Mr Sivasankar Reddy

Mr. Sivasankar Reddy

Managing Partner

Mr. Sivasankar Reddy, a luminary in Hyderabad's entrepreneurial arena, is not only a visionary leader but also a compassionate philanthropist whose impact extends beyond the realms of business. As a founding pillar of Hallmark Builders and a distinguished real estate pioneer in Hyderabad, his journey is emblematic of resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Mr Jaipal Reddy

Mr. Jaipal Reddy

Managing Partner

With a solid backing of decade long tech experience, Mr. Jaipal Reddy is the guiding light responsible for Hallmark’s extraordinary growth and expansion. His vast reservoir of experience and an eye for detail has proved to be the driving force propelling construction operations at Hallmark Builders. His visionary leadership has not only shaped the company's path but has also established new standards in the industry.

Mr Sanjay Pan

Mr. Sanjay Pan

AVP- Sales and Marketing

Mr. Sanjay Pan is a pioneering figure in the fields of real estate and management. From Square Yards to Proptiger, he has worked with prominent brands of the real estate world. Bringing all that experience and expertise to Hallmark Builders, Mr. Sanjay Pan has taken the sales and marketing game to another level. Keeping up with the latest trends and information, he ensures that the brand’s visibility is always on point.