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How to give your home a fresh & festive look this Diwali

Oct 25, 23

By Hallmark


The festival of lights, Diwali, is not only a celebration of tradition and culture but also a time for home transformation. It's the perfect occasion to give your living space a fresh and festive look . Hallmark Builders present to you six easy and exciting ideas to get your home Diwali ready.

Declutter your home

The first step before you dive into decorating has to be decluttering. As Marie Kondo says, remove unnecessary items and anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ from your home. Reorganize and create space. This step will not only help clean up your home and create space, it will also make you feel more organized.

Paint the walls

If you want to give your home a complete makeover and give it a new look, get your home painted. A fresh coat of paint or a new paint color has the power to completely transform your home. However, ensure that you use only environmentally friendly paints for a sustainable makeover, just like the commitment to sustainability by Hallmark Builders

Move things around and redecorate

Move your furniture and decor around and give your home a new look. Also, add a personal touch to your home to connect with your space. Add family photos, artwork, sentimental items and other items that make your house a home and a warm, welcoming place for not only you and your family but also anyone who comes into your home.

Festive Decor

To really get in the festive spirit, add traditional Indian decor elements. Rangoli, torans, and beautifully designed diyas are excellent choices. These small items go a long way and have the power to transform your home into a festive haven.

It’s all about the lighting & floral decor

What’s diwali without some festive lighting and floral decoration? Invest in decorative lighting and fresh flowers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. String lights, diyas as well as marigold and jasmine flower arrangements can work wonders in enhancing the overall ambiance.

With these tips, you can give your home a fresh, festive look this Diwali . Whether you're hosting guests or celebrating with your family, these decor ideas will help you create a fun and festive atmosphere at your home.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali filled with light, love, and joy, from all of us at Hallmark Builders.

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