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Is your home as hip and trendy as you?

Aug 21, 22

By Hallmark


Times are always changing and so is the interior design industry. Earlier, you just had to add some dreamcatchers, fireplaces and breakfast nooks and your home would be one of the trendiest in the neighborhood. But not anymore. Living in a space that lets you relax, work and also have fun is the new trend. Home is no longer just a place where you go back to sleep after work. It is now supposed to provide a more wholesome feeling.

It started with the covid pandemic when everyone was locked in their home 24/7. Remote working made us spend more and more time at home and truth be told, it got monotonous. Living in a space that helps you relax and also have fun emerged as the need of the hour. But now, people are in it for the fun & thrill of it. Now, a hip & trendy home is the one where you willingly spend the most time. In this blog, we have listed some easy ways that will help you in achieving that. Read till the end to upgrade your home as per the latest trends.

Plant It Up!

With unique indoor plants and trees, you can bring a little natural element into your living space. Fiddle leaf fig, peace lily, bromeliad and jade plant are some of the most popular indoor plants that will spruce up your space.

A Space Of Grace

Dedicate a room or an area to something that you love, like reading or gardening or painting. This space serves as the ultimate unwinding nook and allows you to explore your interests.

Pop Of Color

Neutral colours are not the only thing used in modern homes. Pick eye-catching, bold colours if you desire to add extra vibrancy to your true masterpiece of a home.

Multipurpose Shelves

Use your open shelves to contain more than just one thing. For instance, book shelves can be interspersed with the placing of art pieces. Little home plants add character too!

In The Lights

You may experiment using low-voltage lighting in place of the high-voltage ones. Small lights suspended from the ceiling in the living area can enhance the aesthetics of the space. The atmosphere of the space can be created by contrast between the light and dark sections!

All That Glitters

An item that is dazzling and gold makes it a go-to statement piece. To instantaneously enhance your space, add a metallic lamp, figurine, or vase. It sparks up the space.

Smart Spaces

Automation is the key to the home technology of tomorrow. Home automation kits serve a number of purposes, including home security, appliance management, temperature control, and smart lighting systems and many other functions.

A Wall That Says It All

People are increasingly choosing to have statement walls. Distinguish a wall in the room by accenting it with a unique wallpaper/ decor/ painting. It adds a breath of freshness to the coordinated area.

All in all, we can say that space and privacy are much demanded in the 21st century, along with natural light and links to the outdoors being greatly sought. Also, people have stopped playing safe and are now going bold with their choices. Trendy these days comes with quite a lot of functionality. So by upgrading your house, you are also making it a more efficient space to utilize!

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