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Kitchen upgrades you must know about

Jul’5, 22

By Hallmark


Guess which one of your rooms is the hardest working one? Of Course, it’s the kitchen! Kitchen is hands down the most important room as it feeds our bodies, builds our minds and fills our souls. Don’t you agree with us?

Since it is said that a happy kitchen means a happy family. Why not upgrade your kitchen? Not sure where to start and what to choose?

Don’t worry, because as always Hallmark has got your back. To help you out further, we bring to you a vibrant list of kitchen upgrades you should definitely know about and implement!

1. Switch up your lighting, literally!

The best way to make a big difference is by switching up your light fixtures in the kitchen. Using the right light fixtures can eliminate the shadows and highlight the countertops. You can also add lighting on the upper cabinets and under-cupboards to give an edgy look to your kitchen. You can also use innovative decorative light fixtures to give a new look to your kitchen.

2. Add some color!

To give a new look to your kitchen, the simplest and the most effective way is to paint it. Choose a different color palette for the walls that compliments your home and also sets the kitchen apart. While you are at it, do not forget to paint your cabinets, drawers and doors. Bring home samples and examine them under different lighting throughout the day. Find and use the colors that look great in both natural and artificial lighting.

3. Install cabinet accessories!

Fetching the necessary pans, utensils, bowls and ingredients takes half of the time in the kitchen. The best possible solution to tackle this problem is to invest in easy storage solutions. If you want to upgrade your kitchen to a more organized and sophisticated one, this is your cue to install cabinet accessories. Some examples are roll out trays, corner pullouts, blind corner organizers, door mounts, racks, dividers, under shelf baskets etc.

4. Upgrade your appliances!

Needless to say, upgrading your kitchen and upgrading your kitchen appliances goes hand in hand. Even if you do not want to splurge and buy the big appliances, you can always install one or two small appliances, like a coffee machine, a kettle or a water filter. You can also choose integrated kitchen appliances that compliment your kitchen interiors that would also save space.

Well, those were our top 4 recommendations when it comes to upgrading your kitchen. All you need to do now is get started and we are sure you would love the result. Your Hallmark family roots for you!

If you want to know more about us and our premium residential projects, do visit our website or contact us and our team will be very happy to be at your service.

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