Welcome to the first blog from the series “Everything Real Estate” brought to you by Hallmark Builders, one of the best property developers delivering exquisite 2bhk, 3bhk and 4bhk flats which are one of the best flats in all of Hyderabad. In this series, we provide valuable information and interesting views about real estate.

Today’s blog is all about the fundamental terms that are frequently used in the real estate industry on a day-to-day basis. So, if you are a prospective buyer, an intuitive investor or a real estate enthusiast, this blog is definitely for you.

Are you all pumped? Then, let’s get started!

1.   Realtor:

A realtor is a professional real estate agent/ broker who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). A realtor holds higher credibility in the market and is believed to be a better choice by prospective buyers.

2.   Developer/ Builder:

Real estate developers/ property developers or builders undertake the activities to develop structural projects either via buying land or by partnering with landowners. A builder/ developer’s market reputation of utmost importance when buying a new house. Best builders in Hyderabad not only deliver excellent quality but also follow a transparent approach in their dealings.

3.   Listing:

In lay man terms, listing industry implies a property that is “for sale”. But if we go into the technicalities, we will find that listing is an agreement between the owner and an agent regarding the marketing of the property. This agreement allows the agent to talk to the prospective buyers on the behalf of the owner. 

4.   Due Diligence:

Due Diligence period is the specific period of time assigned to a buyer before purchasing the property so as to fully examine it and inspect all the property associated aspects. 

5.   Appraisal:

Appraisal is the process of professionally estimating the value of the specific property that the buyer seeks loan for. An appraisal determines whether the price quoted for the property is actually worth based on its condition and locality.

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