Is gardening your favorite activity? In that case, what’s coming ahead is a treat for you to read! Also, the same applies to people who want to take up gardening as their new hoppy.

We all can agree with the fact that gardening is a hobby that requires patience. On top of that, maintaining the home garden in today’s fast paced world is no less of a task. But you know what can help you big time? Well, a few simple tips and tricks that would make maintaining your home garden a childsplay.

So, get ready to get your hands dirty and your garden clean!

Tip 1: Water your plants either early in the morning or in the evening. As the soil is cooler when the sun is not above completely. Hence, your plants will be able to absorb more water or else the heat in the day will evaporate all of it, leaving them thirsty.

Tip 2: Do not pour excessive water as sometimes it may harm your plants. Some of the common home plants like aloe vera, cactus, orchids etc. do not need as much water.

Tip 2: Make sure to water the flower beds in your garden 2 times week to keep them evenly moist.

Tip 4: Plant the beds densely to decrease the space for weeds to grow. You can also use mulch to prevent the weed seeds from spouting.

Tip 5: If you are staying away from home a lot, then install a smart irrigation system that can keep the soil of your plants moist and avoid them from drying.

Tip 6: Create your own compost at home by accumulating all the bio-degradable waste in a bucket of water. The water can be left to soak for around 22-30 days and then the same water can be used to spray your plants. This would be the best natural manure for your plants.

Tip 7: Summers in India can be cruel sometimes and the plants need protection from the harmful UV rays. Use a green shade cloth or net in the balcony to do so.

Indeed, having a well-maintained home garden adds a lot of beauty and has a lot of health benefits as well. Also, having a stunning home garden is only possible if your house is compatible and spacious, right?

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