We just got done with the season of festivals for 2021 and like any other year, the season has gone by in the blink of an eye and we are leftover with a ton of cherished memories and lots of cleaning work. Especially, in today’s time one thing that’s of utmost importance is hygiene because Covid-19 has practically taught us how cleanliness truly equals godliness. Are you one of those wondering how would you clean up your home after this festive season all by yourself? Don’t even worry for a split second. All you got to do is roll up your sleeves and make a determined start with a smile, because we present to you simple tips on how to clean your home after the festive season is over:

  1. Consistently Disinfect- Festival equals visits from our friends and family, so ensure that every day you disinfect all the high touch surfaces like door knobs, switches etc. because you do not want to take risk of breeding any kind of virus at your home.
  2. Collective Cleaning– Team work always leads to quicker and effective results, hence cut down the total cleaning process into smaller bits and delegate them individually based on interests.
  3. Regular cleaning schedule– We all know how Indian festivals are celebrated not for a day but several days altogether, hence don’t pile up all the cleaning at once towards the end and instead regularly clean your sofas and vacuum your house.
  4. Get Creative– Every tedious work seems fun when you add a little bit of funk, so don’t hesitate to turn up some music, dance a little, or listen to your favorite radio or podcast while cleaning up.

Voila, cleaning up your home post festive season seems fun, isn’t it? Festivals bring together neighbors and communities and it’s a known fact that the common areas should also be well maintained and cleaned up regularly. But when you have a home in a residential project like Hallmark Sunnyside, this is absolutely not of your concern, and you need not worry one bit.

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