Summer is here and undeniably it is scorching hot! The temperatures that are constantly rising definitely demand extra care, right?

Of course, we all can take care of ourselves and our loved ones, but what about your precious little plants?

So, for this summer we have got some very handy tips so that you can take care of your plants and shower them with the love and care they deserve!

So, if you are all set, let’s dive straight in!

Tip 1: Don’t just water but water correctly!

Compared to the other seasons, water evaporates faster in the summer season. So, be it your indoor or outdoor plants, water them slow and deep. Also, try watering your plants early in the morning between 5 to 9 a.m or late in the evening between 6 to 8 p.m. Simply put, these time slots are the magical windows for your plants to flourish to the best of their capabilities!

Tip 2: Repotting during peak temperatures is a BIG NO!

The process of repotting requires trimming of the root masses and may sometimes damage the leaves. And doing this at peak summer makes it even more difficult for the plants to adapt. So, keep this particular process of re-potting for the cooler seasons and do not stress them out additionally by doing so in the summers.

Tip 3: Feed well and feed with love!

Summers have longer days and plants obviously require more nutrients to be at their best. So, try to use organic fertilizers to feed them all the necessary nutrients. You can either mix it with the soil or even choose to spray  the water-soluble fertilizer once a month. Most importantly, remember to feed your plants with love. After all, it is the love and care that you show towards your plants that reflects in their growth and overall health.

Tip 4: Worried about your sensitive plants? Shady corners to the rescue!

Some sensitive plants cannot handle a full day’s sunlight. Some of them may even be susceptible to leaf burns. The trick is to maneuver them to the corners that are prevalently shady and do not get direct sunlight. 

Tip 5: Watch out for your window plants too!

Windows can act as magnifying glasses that may gradually burn and dry your plant’s leaves. These reddish-brown sunburns on your plants may ultimately lead to them wielding out completely. The easy solution is to move them a foot away from the windows. You can also frequently add mist to them by spraying water or fill your plants base plate with pebbles and fill it with water.

Well, those were our top 5 tips to take care of your plants this summer. All we can say is your plants deserve the best, just like you deserve the best of everything! And, at Hallmark we only offer the best! Our ultra-modern residential projects like Hallmark Sunnyside, Hallmark Skyrena, Hallmark Treasor and Hallmark Pinnacle etc, are the very testament to this fact!

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