They say change is the only constant, and it applies perfectly well when it comes to comparing how flats were built in the past and how they are built now. With the advent of technology, our lives have changed, and our priorities have changed. We have become busier than we ever were. The lines between work time and personal time have blurred. Our home isn’t just a shelter anymore. It has the added responsibility of making us feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease so that we can recharge ourselves for future battles. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what changes have taken place in how flats were built in the past and how they are built now?

Come, let us have a look. 

  • In comparison to old flats, new flats involve a lot more planning and thinking. In the old flats, only an architect used to decide how the space was to be utilized. But now, the psychological impact of a space is also taken into consideration. What colors soothe the eyes, what designs relax the mind, all of it is given much more importance. 
  • In the past, buyers used to limit their needs to just the flat. But now, people care about the surroundings of the flat as well. So, in the case of old flats, it was just the flat that mattered. Now, flat and locality are equally important. 
  • With our lives becoming faster and busier, our requirements from the place of living have changed. Earlier, builders used to sell flats as an empty architectural place. Now, furnishing, and interior design are significant elements. Builders realize that the buyer might not have time to manage water, electricity, and telecom needs. That is why, the present-day flats include all these facilities and their maintenance in their package.
  • The rapidness with which technological advancement is happening all around, we cannot expect the home-industry to stay unimpacted. New homes have added technological features that make one’s life easy and comfortable. 

One residential project, Hallmark Sunnyside, is the best example of what new flats stand for. We have planned Sunnyside in such a way that its residents will have the most comfortable lives that one can imagine. Its USP is the technologically advanced features that are incorporated in these 2BHK and 3BHK flats. 

  • These flats are equipped with Vector’s Home Lighting Automation that allows you to control home lighting with a tap on the phone screen.   
  • Comelit’s video door phone installed in every home makes it easy for you to keep a check on who approaches your home.
  • The robo app feature makes it easy for you to pay all the bills and manage maintenance. 

All these features make the flats irresistible. Right? So why wait? Pick up your phone and get in touch with us at . Hallmark Builders is always ready to help you set up your dream home.