Are you bored of going by the rules and styling your home decor in the generic Traditional, Modern, Industrial or Bohemian interior styles? Do you want to explore all the latest interior design styles and be unique? Well, first of all, kudos to your courage and conviction. Because opting for something other than the ordinary is always risky but also rewarding if done right! Hence, to help you out further, we have compiled a list of the out of the box unique interior design styles. You better look out for these as they would most definitely make your home stand out, shine and sparkle!

  1. Pave the trail of royalty with the Rustic Interior Design Style!

This style is an amalgamation of royal textures and significant statement pieces. Elements included are mostly of raw wood and leather. Statement pieces like the fireplace and royal bookshelves are also common. The colour palette includes patterns, prints and wallpapers that are raw and exude grandiosity. 

  1. If being soulful is your vibe then Japandi Interior Style is the prime!

This style is a combination of designs that are Scandinavian and Japanese inspired. The vibe within is zen like, earthy and minimalistic. The colour palette is mostly a combination of pastel undertones and hues of white. Common elements include subtle floral patterns, light-toned wood, ornamental crockery and stretched fabrics. 

  1. Bring in that beach breeze with the Coastal Interior Design Style!

This style is inspired by the coastal culture and their free-spirited nuances. The color palette includes a wide range of blue and green tones. The fabrics are dominatingly jute or linen. Glass and wooden furniture is incorporated. Centerpieces are mostly inspired by corals, plums and shells. Spacious rooms and ample ventilation are elementary to set the tone of this style right! This interior style should be your go to if you want to feel like you are on a never ending vacation!

  1. Get trendy with the Transitional Interior Design Style!

Love both the ultra glam and contemporary styles? Then, the Transitional Interior Style is the one for you! This style reflects a modern take on the classic design elements. Simply put, the vibe is aesthetically alluding. A combination of metallic accents and magnificent furniture are used to create distinct focal points. Subtle textures are supported by glam add-ons like shimmery textures and wallpapers. Timelessness, elegance and authenticity are the ultimate feels exuded by this one!

  1. Create that magical spotlight with the Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style!

Love the world of movies? After all, aren’t we all the protagonists in our own lives? Thus, the Hollywood Glam interior design would create the magical world around. It’s a blend of mid-century ultra-modern and art-decor. The color pallete and patterns are loud, slightly shimmery, and gender neutral overall. Common elements are neoclassical motifs, chandeliers, metallic highlights and glamourous cabinetwork.

Now that you have known 5 unique interior design styles, all you have to do now is work your magic! Your  Hallmark family is definitely rooting for you and believes in your choices! 

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