It is believed that vastu shastra plays a key role in deciding the vibe of the house and also the energy of the people living in it. A popular myth about vastu shastra is that it is limited to the construction of the property. But experts say that it is as much applicable to interior decor as it is to the construction of the home. We are here with some best vastu tips related to interior design that can help in filling your life with health, happiness, and prosperity. 

  1. In order to keep up the graph of health and happiness, one must avoid placing the mirrors right in front of the bed. It is best to keep the mirrors in a separate corner so that your image doesn’t reflect in the mirror while sleeping.
  2. Keeping the north-east corner of the house cluttered releases bad energy. It often leads to conflicts and arguments. So it is best to keep the north-east corner clean and tidy. 
  3. Colors also have an important role to play in maintaining wealth and joy in the house. For example, using black tiles or cupboards in the kitchen can have a negative impact on the wealth aspect. Therefore, one must avoid the colour black for the kitchen.
  4. The position of the bed in the bedroom decides the temperament of the person living in it. One can avoid negative thoughts and attract positivity by making sure that the head of the bed is not in the north direction. 

These simple tips can make your house vastu friendly. And if you don’t own a home yet, get in touch with us, the Hallmark Builders.

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  • These flats are equipped with Vector’s Home Lighting Automation that allows you to control home lighting with a tap on the phone screen.   
  • Comelit’s video door phone installed in every home makes it easy for you to keep a check on who approaches your home.
  • The robo app feature makes it easy for you to pay all the bills and manage maintenance. 

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