Some tips & tricks to keep in mind while selecting an apartment for a family with kids.

For us 90’s kids, growing up was fun. Our childhood memories are usually woven around the

place where we were brought up. It was a different experience. Today, kids are exposed to a different lifestyle and environment. Especially during the pandemic when we are confined into the space of our home, childhood is being impacted in a big way. It is essential for us to

choose an apartment, which ensures a conducive atmosphere for the child to prosper and grow. Following are a few tips and tricks to assist you while making your apartment choices:

  • Find Avenues of Social Interaction

It is essential to find apartments, which have a friendly resident community. A gated community has opportunities to interact and mingle in the form of societies and clubs that organize social gatherings. There should be ample open spaces to play, community halls that can host activities/classes for kids where children can join their own tribe. Park /playground/gym/pool and other amenities should exist that cater to all age groups of children.

  • Let them free while you keep them safe

Ensure there are proper security arrangements in the apartment complex. The common areas

are under surveillance, and regularly monitored – be it the lifts, the gyms, pool, and community

areas. Especially with younger kids, it’s best to anticipate the places/scenarios that could put the child in danger like open electrical points, the balcony etc., and address them proactively.

  • Let them be home before you are home

With working parents, kids usually spend a lot of time at day-care or nursery. A good day-care within the apartment complex will not only keep them nearer home but also would save a lot of their late evening travel to reach home. A good day-care in the familiar environment is a big plus for working families.

  • Carve out a space for them

In a 2BHK or 3BHK, it is always good to have a personalized space for your kids. While it is possible in a family of 3 or 4, with more members in the family it becomes a bit of a challenge to give the kids their own space. The best option would always be a personalized room of their own but if that’s not possible, a study cum play area or a creatively set up corner in the house that a child calls his own can always give him/her the required space.

  • Managing the Mess with a Space Crunch

When you have a child in his/her playful years, it is unfair to expect a clutter free house. Easy

to use closets or Chest of Drawers can be good storage options for kids’ toys and accessories.

But if you are running low on storage, it could be a reasonable idea to have furniture such as

a box type stool, bed box drawer that can double up as a toy storage too.

  • Easy Accessibility

Apartments these days are little away from the main market. There is a lot of day-to-day requirement of stationery and accessories from academic standpoint. Having an all in one store for confectionary basic stationary within the premises gives a breather while arranging for stuff that is required on priority. Accessibility from schools and the mode of transportation should necessarily be addressed in the best interest of the child.

The lives of the 90’s is difficult to replicate in terms of freedom of movement and good air quality but in the present scenario, we can definitely ensure that our kids get the best possible environment by aligning our apartment purchase or renting preferences according to their needs. Afterall, the place in which they spend their childhood would be an integral part of all the tales and stories of their future.

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