So, you finally decided to pull up your pants and renovate your home to redecorate it into a brand new one. Oh, but wait, are you afraid you would fall into the big blunders’ trap while you go on a mission to revamp your home? Well, don’t because when Hallmark is here, you do not have to fear!

In this blog, learn with Hallmark the worst renovation attempts that are a big fat NO-NO:

1.   Not hiring a professional interior designer or a property stylist or an architect!

You might as well pay a little extra to manifest your vision with perfection.

2.   Not asking for references with respect to designers and material!

It might be time-taking but is definitely self-assuring before hiring a designer or buying any material for renovation.

3.   Not asking enough questions!

It is your money and ensure every penny is being used smartly, so ask every question that pops in your head, even the ones you think are dumb.

4.   Not setting a reasonable timeline!

Remember! Only with a sensible timeline plan, will you attain perfection.

There you go, those were our tips for you to get the best renovation done to your home because we at Hallmark only want the best for you as we understand the value of your hard-earned money. 

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